Upsize August - Get a large meal for FREE!

Upsize August - Get a large meal for FREE!

Probably the BEST OFFER in Tingalpa!

The notorious ‘Upsize’ promotion which debuted in April is making a comeback this August due to its overwhelming popularity. It’s hardly a surprise to those who indulged earlier this year, but if you missed the promotion, consider this a heads-up. The Upsize August promotion will challenge you to enjoy mouth-watering pub classics, only they’ve been drastically supersized, for free. Everyone loves a free upgrade!!

What’s on offer?

A question worth asking – what’s on the table? When it comes to pub classics, it’s the traditional Australian favourites that deservingly make the list. Tingalpa Hotel is offering a free upgrade to their Chicken Parmigiana, Schnitzel, Grilled Steak and finger-licking Chicken Wings.

How big is BIG?

Well, it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. To put it in perspective: The “supersized” Chicken Parmigiana & Schnitzel weigh-in at a whopping 1kg. The average weight of a whole chicken bought from your local supermarket. That’s over 100grams of protein, and more than 50% of your daily Calcium intake. Even the Chicken Wings hit the scales at 1kg, twice their original serving size.

When can you catch it?

If there’s a chef in the kitchen, then there’s a free upsize available. This promotion can be served up for lunch & dinner, every day of the week throughout August.

So the only question left is can you handle a SUPERSIZED meal from Tingalpa Hotel?